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Episode 21: What's All This, Then!?

This week, we get wet and wild, by which I mean we were recording before either of us had fully absorbed our morning coffees. With that weird energy at our disposal, we talk about how stories change when the audience is forced to take on a different point-of-view, and how games create opportunities for this by swapping around main characters and making perspective switches. Also included: Horny for Osmosis, Nolan Nurth, Chris the Segue Boy, and an Actual Spoiler Warning

Episode 12: Seems Sketchy

We’re back on schedule this week with a very special episode, featuring our first ever guest! We’re joined by our old friend JP, a sketch comedian with Bad Medicine Comedy out of Washington, D.C., and with his help we look at what makes for a good piece of sketch comedy, and how those principles show up in a handful of games. Also included: The Hairy Fight-Man, JP’s Favorite Movie, and Baby’s First Segue