Episode 36: Coop, There It Is

This week, we’re joined by a close personal friend, Coop, of “Dude, You Remember Macross” fame, to join us in a conversation about all things weeby. We talk Dragon Quest, take a brief diversion into God of War (so Chris can contribute to the conversation), and then wrap by talking about our first impressions of the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses, particularly how it manages to meld its character and mechanical choices together. Also included: A Dylan Surprise, Big Weeb Energy, One Star Please, and the Looooooooong Fade.

Be sure to check out “Dude, You Remember Macross,” at www.anchor.fm/dudeyouremember, or on twitter @DudeYouRemember

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Episode 35: Dylans and Villains

This week, we take a walk on the dark-side. We talk about what makes a good villain, a few things you should never do in creating a villain, and why sometimes you just need to rehydrate your villains. Also included: Papa-Dorf, "The Moan," and Dylan's Metal Gear Dissociation.

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Episode 34: Brick By Brick

This week, we were thrilled to be joined by our good friend Will Quam, a Chicago-based director, playwright, and the brain behind Brick of Chicago, an Instagram feed and tour company focused on the brickwork around the city of Chicago. With the help of his eye as a director and observer, we talk about all the little visual ways that games tell their stories. Also included: Fart.

Please do check out Brick of Chicago at www.BrickOfChicago.com, or at instagram.com/BrickOfChicago.

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Episode 32: Let's Do Nothing!

All this talking about storytelling and narratives has gotten exhausting, and who has the energy for that in this summer heat? Instead, let’s take it easy, and not talk about story at all. In fact, let’s talk about some games with a very pointed lack of story, and see if we can riddle out how those work! Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Also included: TIME TO KILL, Funky Kong ASMR, Slimy Wilson, and Football-Sonas.

Episode 29: Totally Not an E3 Episode

This week, we’ve got E3 Fever! We take some time to talk about games that spawned a lot of discussion, and how that discussion is EXACTLY what the industry wants. This whole thing is an elaborate constructed narrative, and we’re here to unravel that. Also included: Hunkendorf, Dank Basement Chris, and a Complete Mess at the End.

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Episode 28: Spot the Dud

This week, we ease back into the recording process after our long tech-break by playing a game. Chris finds games with bad review scores; Dylan has to guess which one scored worst. It’s fun. We have fun here. Also included: FIFA Sex Tattoos, The Uno Fuck-Up, Twitter of the Past, and Sonic Boo.

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Episode 27: Theatre, but Make It Rogue-Like

We return from a long technical-difficulty-induced hiatus, and we’re back in rare form, frantically trying to build connections between a centuries-old form of Italian theatre and modern voice-acting and RPG game design. Buckle up, friends! Also included: Hive Queen Bezos, Make Clowns Happy 2019, The BSG Onsen Episode, Dylan’s Final Fantasy Hole, DadBook, and Using Every Part of the Artist

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