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Episode 32: Let's Do Nothing!

All this talking about storytelling and narratives has gotten exhausting, and who has the energy for that in this summer heat? Instead, let’s take it easy, and not talk about story at all. In fact, let’s talk about some games with a very pointed lack of story, and see if we can riddle out how those work! Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Also included: TIME TO KILL, Funky Kong ASMR, Slimy Wilson, and Football-Sonas.

Episode 15: Constantine Stanislavski's "Making a Game Friend."

This week, we are excited to unveil the long sought-after fourth book in the Russian acting teacher’s cannon of texts, in which he discussed character creation in video games as a parallel to the actor’s process. In addition to the above being our stupidest and most-inside-baseball joke ever, we also have a lot of fun this episode, and Dylan and Chris both rant for a while on current gaming loves and how games allow creative impulses in their players. Also included: The Great Bathroom Puzzle, Dylan the Ouija Boi, The Robot-Arm Acting Technique, and Key-Blazing.